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Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation and clitoral stimulator.
  • Satisfyer Pro 2 stimulates the clitoris without contact, with shock waves and exciting pulsations for greater pleasure
  • To turn on the dildo, just press the lower and smaller button for about 2 seconds until the lowest level of massage has been activated on the Satisfyer Pro 2.

Product description:

Stronger motor, quieter sound. The new model is much quieter than its predecessor. As soon as the application head has closed her clitoris, she can barely hear the toy. If you use your favorite toy in the bathtub, you must prick your ears to hear your toy, no problem thanks to the waterproof finish of the Pro 2. With its elegant design, it remains true to its predecessor: you can enjoy its delicate rose gold, with which he inspires the world of women. The high-quality workmanship not only looks good, it also makes the product hygienic: no water, lubricants or other liquids can get into the internal chamber of the device.

Powerful and quiet motor

The model is significantly quieter than its predecessor. As soon as the head surrounds your clitoris, you can hardly hear anything. If you use your favorite toy in the bathtub, you will have to listen to the maximum to hear it. Something that you can do without problem with the modern generation Satisfyer Pro 2, as it is water resistant.

Its sleek design stays true to its predecessor - now in a soft rose gold color that will make a splash. Its high-quality finish is not only beautiful, but also improves the hygiene of the product, since no water, lubricants or other fluids can enter the interior of the device.


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un 10

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The best

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No lo he podido probar xq no me funciona

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llegó rapidisimo

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igual que la imagen.